Current Rates
Todays Prime:6.70  
TermBroker Bank
6 Month: 5.80 7.25
1 Year: 6.05 7.09
2 Year: 5.74 6.59
3 Year: 4.84 6.44
4 Year: 5.24 6.34
5 Year: 4.34 6.34
6 Year: N/A N/A
7 Year: 6.29 7.00
10 Year: 6.58 7.49
No Down: N/A N/A
Variable 1: 5.80 N/A
Local: 1 - 403 - 313 - 0606
Toll Free: 1 - 877 - 699 - 0719
Updated: May 01, 2023

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Julie,

I also like to take this opportunity to Thank You very much for your excellent professional expertise and prompt service. I'm impressed with the mortgage interest you found my daughter.

Thank you,



I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in getting me my first house. You'll never know how much I truly appreciate it. I know you put in long hours, and I just wanted you to know that I really am thankful.


Wes D.


I just wanted to say thanks again for helping make this deal come together! It has been an absolute pleasure and an honor to work with someone with your experience and knowledge in the lending industry.

I look forward to working with you again in the very near future!

Terry G.
Brooks, Alberta

Dear Julie,

Bob and I wanted to extend our greatest appreciation to you. The quality of service you provided to us in obtaining our new mortgage was invaluable. You were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with. Because of your tireless networking and expertise in your field, you found us an unbelievable interest rate on our mortgage loan. Never again will we assume our traditional bank will automatically offer us the best rate. We would highly recommend you and your service. Anyone would be lucky to have you as their broker.


Robert and Christine J.

To Whom this may Concern,

I would like to express our total satisfaction and praise concerning our mortgage negotiations with Julie Steinman of Western Canada Mortgage. Her quick and expert advice was truly appreciated and made our home purchase an effortless process. We received an incredible interest rate. Much better than anything we had been quoted by our banking institution and there were no fees.

We strongly recommend Western Canada Mortgage to all of our friends and coworkers.


Grant & Debbie H.
Calgary, Alberta


A few years ago I had got myself into some real trouble financially. I took out a private mortgage on my house. This mortgage was very high in interest.

I then decided to take out another mortgage and fix up my 30 year old house. This is when I met Julie Steinman. I told her what I wanted to do and also of the existing mortgage. She said that she could do much better for me, and that she did. She got me a great mortgage with a B lender at a very reasonable amount and rate. Don't forget I had been in financial difficulty and it was still showing on all my credit records. She told me to never miss a payment and always be on time and she could probably do better for me the next time that I needed a mortgage. I then made sure I was never late on any payments.

A few years later I decided to sell my house and move into a condo. Julie was just great, she got me a mortgage with an A lender and at an extremely good intrest rate. She always kept in direct contact with me, telling me everything that was going on and explaining things as they happened.


I know that I couldn't of done any of this without the help of Julie Steinman. She is a very truthful and honest person and I would recommend anyone looking for a mortgage to see Julie Steinman first.

Brenda J.



I have worked with Julie Steinman as my mortgage broker and as a seller through a real estate transaction. Julie is hard working, direct and honest. She kept me up to date through my transactions of finding a mortgage and worked very hard at finding me the best rate.

Thank you Julie and great job!

Jeanette D.
Calgary, Alberta